Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy day organization

With no option but to stay inside yesterday (not complaining - we needed the rain), I decided to do a little reorganizing. Living in a one bedroom apartment can be tricky at times, so I've been trying to stay as organized as possible. And not just organized chaos, but legit organization where everything has it's own little home. I've come to the realization that whoever designed my apartment was definitely not a woman and sneakily made the closet look way more useful than it really is. To begin my project, I took all of my summer items out of my closet and drawers and put them in those storage saver bags - you know the one's you vaccuum? They are awesome. I was able to fit so much stuff in them and clear out plenty of space in my closet while not taking up too much storage space with summer stuff.  Next on the list was organizing my jewelry. It had been fairly well organized in my bathroom closet but I decided that space would be more efficient for sweaters, purses and towels (odd combo, I know). As a birthday gift my friend Katie gave me one of these elephant hooks from Anthropolgie - perfect for hanging jewels! I ran over to Anthro on Saturday and got two more elephants. I debated between getting different animals, but in the end I decided on three elephants (surprise, surprise). Anyway, I am very please with the outcome and hope I can keep everything just as clean and organized as it is right now! Next up.... tackling the shoe situation....