Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you seen the new section in the fresh produce area of Central Market? I noticed it a couple of months ago but didn't pay much attention until tonight. There's a small section with "cooking kits" (if you will) which include a recipe, the fresh ingredients and several add ons if you choose to get those too. Just like most things at this store, it is awesome! Tonight I bought the tortilla soup kit (pictured above) which turned out quite successfully. 

For many of the dishes they give you a vegetarian and a non vegetarian option so there is something for everyone. They had everything from soup to fajitas to guacamole to Thai green curry. These are great options if you are only cooking for one or two people because you won't have too many leftovers and you get the exact amount of fresh ingredients the recipe calls for - no more buying cilantro by the pound only to see it spoil! There are options for bigger groups too if you are cooking for more. Can't wait to try the other dishes!

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  1. I love the chicken parmesan kit. No more mixing breadcrumbs, seasoning and parmesan!