Thursday, March 10, 2011

A. J.Crew B. Gap C. Lucchese D,E. Elizabeth Lanier Designs (Billie and Breck)

While the rodeo in Houston has been going on for about a week already, I will be making my first jaunt to the fairgrounds on Friday. I would say less is more when it comes to rodeo wear as it is pretty easy to cross the line into hokey/cheesy/embarrassing -- if you've ever been to a rodeo you know what I'm talking about. My outfit will look a little something like the one above but with a belt and a few more accessories. But before I can really worry about my outfit I am currently working on fasting to counteract the bazillion calories I will intake during my visit - corndogs, funnel cake, blooming onions - you name it I love it and will definitely have my fair share. Rodeo time is always a good time and I can't wait to kick off this 2011 season!

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