Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warby Parker

You may recall I suggested Warby Parker glasses as a gift suggestion in the gift guide for fashionistas in December. Being blind as a bat myself and once again embracing my seeing glasses, I have become mildly obsessed and quite fascinated with this line.

It's a company with a vision (ha), it's styles are up-to-date and retro, and best of all they give back to the community.

I guess you could say they are kind of the Tom's of the eyeglasses world. For each pair of glasses they sell they give a pair to a person in need. "In doing so, we enable you to share the gift of vision with someone who can’t see today and give them the opportunity to read, to work and to live a fuller life." (ha! of course I fell for them...)

The four founding members (all men) met at the Wharton School of Business and seem to be on to something great. Each pair of glasses is only $95, which if you wear glasses yourself you realize this is a great price. Prescriptions are so expensive that it is refreshing to find a pair of frames that doesn't break the bank.

On top of the community service, the great styles and the price, Warby Parker does something else just right. Not only can you virtually try on the glasses by uploading a pic or taking one on your webcam, but you can also order 5 pairs as a trial run with no obligation. You just send them back after 5 days and order the pair you would like or don't order any at all - so nice and so much better than going to the store! AND there's free shipping - my fave.

Check them out here.

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