Monday, January 24, 2011

Best in Texas

Ahi tartare (YUM!) from Neighborhood Service Bar & Grill in Dallas

Restaurant critics from across the state gathered to recognize the two best restaurants from each of the five big cities in Texas - Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Here are their picks:

Fort Worth:
Brownstone Restaurant and Lounge located at 840 Currie St.
Gerard's German Restaurant  technically in Roanoke (NE of town). By the appearance of the website this is an interesting choice...

Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill located at 10720 Preston Rd. Must order that ahi tartare...
Lucia 408 W. Eighth St. "Can't accomodate parties over 6" sounds nice to me

Bootsies Heritage Cafe not in Houston but in Tomball
Latin Bites Cafe 1302 Nance. I've seen something else on this before and have been meaning to try it

Uchiko 4200 N. Lamar. Sister restaurant to Chef Tyson Cole's Uchi. Must be good
Foreign and Domestic 306 E. 53rd St. Menu is probably a little different than you are used to (think: crispy pig ears) there is still a great selection of eats

San Antonio:
L√ľke 125 E. Houston. Annoyed I haven't been here yet
La Gloria while I am a fan of this interior Mexican food, my family is not. Don't go expecting TexMex and you should be fine

For more descriptions and reviews on the picks, read the article on

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