Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A new found Picasso

My favorite Picasso, "Girl Before a Mirror"
A French electrician and his wife have stepped forward with 271 works of famed Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The electrician, who did work for the artist about three years before he died, claims that Picasso gave him various lithographs, paintings and notebooks. But, according to Picasso's son and his lawyers, the troubled artist (one of my favorite of all time) always signed, dated and dedicated his gifts.

In his lifetime Picasso came out with over 20,000 pieces, hundreds of which have gone missing. The art work that this man has come forward with is from the artist's most creative period (1900-1932) and is worth over $80 million! 

Picasso was known for his generosity, but 271 pieces to his electrician seems a little absurd to me!

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