Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a Fuller offering: Animal Lovers

Since we're about six weeks to Christmas, and I'm already making my list and checking it twice, I thought I'd share a few of the fun gifts I've seen. From now until mid-December Wednesdays will be holiday gift idea day - aka a Fuller offering.

Today's Fuller offering is focused on those of us shopping for a furry friend. I steered clear of toys, as I knew I would get carried away in the deep dark depths of the toy pages. Check out some of my finds:

If your pups eat and drink anything like mine, this placemat is a great idea. No more soggy floors, AND it's mildew, mold, and UV resistant for life.

I think this product is as useful as it looks silly. Gloria's favorite thing to do is hop right on the couch or my bed after running through the mud or digging in the grass, and I can't tell you how many towels I have ruined with her muddy little paws. But, with this little product you no longer have to use your own bath towels to clean your pup's paws. Handy!

What pooch doesn't need a stylish dog bed?

Yet another great way to save your wood floors during meal time. I've been DYING to get one of these for Gloria for months now. Maybe her grandparents will get her one for Christmas? :)

Everyone loves a new collar!

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