Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair do you do?

With my long, thick, and typically out of control hair, I'm always looking for a new yet simple way to wear it. I'm loving this side twist seen on the fall runways. Thanks to Refinery 29, I now have the directions to try it myself - and so should you!

"Start with a volumizing cream or spray, then add a dry shampoo to create a matte texture. Next, backcomb the hair at the top of the head, then separate into top and bottom sections in back. Secure the top section loosely with a ponytail holder, then divide the bottom into two sections. Twist the right section around the ponytail (over to the left side) and secure with bobby pins, then twist the left bottom section over the ponytail and secure with bobby-pins. Finish with hairspray. For extra volume, tease both left and right bottom sections before twisting and pinning.Sophie Theallet fall 2010 images via Aveda."

I may also have to give the tootsie roll a try:
"Use a volumizing or thickening spray, and tease your hair at the roots. Pull the upper half of the hair back and secure into a loose ponytail. Roll the ponytail up toward the ponytail holder and secure with bobby-pins. Spray with a strong hold hairspray. Sophie Theallet fall 2010 images via Aveda."

Some of these styles almost look like I could bring back my topsy tail from the good ol' days!

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