Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take a walk on the wild side...

Although I don't necessarily consider animal prints a trendy item, I am excited that fashionistas have declared them a trend for the fall.  (I've got a leopard coat lined in hot pink that I'll be whipping out - and all of you who made fun of me in college for having it are going to be so jealous.)

I wouldn't consider myself a flashy dresser (at. all.) but I do love animal prints. I'm also really liking all of the muted animal prints (check out the dress and bag below) I've been seeing all over the place. Within reason, animal prints are great for day or night and an easy way to spice up a boring outfit.

So unleash your animal instincts and jump on board the animal bandwagon!

Checkout a few of my picks for this fall fashion trend:

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