Monday, August 9, 2010

Fuller DIY

In an effort to revamp my childhood room (in an inexpensive yet still exciting way) and to pass some time inside on these cruel San Antonio summer days, I decided I needed to find an easy DIY to perk up my bedroom. After coming across a photo of this bulletin board from Live Creating Yourself, I was inspired. I decided to fix up the ugly brown mass of a bulletin board that has been hanging on my wall for 10+ years. Once Adorned with Journey's stickers, notes and magazine ads, it's been pretty barren since I left for college and really needed some fixin' up.

What you'll need: Enough fabric to cover your bulletin board - I told the ladies at the fabric store what I was doing and they helped me purchase the right amount, staple gun, spray adhesive, and tacks 
Before you start make sure you iron out all of the wrinkles and creases in our fabric so that it will smoothly adhere to your bulletin board.
1. Spray only the cork and smooth the fabric down onto the board leaving roughly an even amount on all four sides. DO NOT glue down the sides/trim yet!

2. Add your brads along the border of your board. I used my thumb as a measurement so that they were evenly spaced.

3. Spray the rim with glue and adhere the fabric to the trim, making sure to pull tightly and smooth out the fabric as you go.

4. Fold whatever excess fabric you have on the back and staple down.

That's it! So easy and a great addition to any room or office.

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