Thursday, July 29, 2010

Technical difficulties & Trina Turk

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I'm out of town and having some serious technical difficulties! I will be back this weekend with many exciting posts. Thanks for being patient!

In the mean time, check out this fun interview with Trina Turk on Elle Decor. I posted earlier this month on her fun fabrics and this interview will give you some insight into her personality, taste and inspiration as well as a sneak peek into her home and her tips for throwing a dinner party. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fuller Friday: Steve Jobs walks into a bar...

"Steve Jobs walks into a bar... Which disappears because of the way he's holding his iPhone."

Have an iPhone 4? Don't want to wait for your free bumper next week along with the other gazillion people who will be there to claim theirs? Well, I've dug up a few solutions to help you out....

You've got the iHand
A hand made of European beachwood that allows you to handle the phone without touching the sensitive spot. "When staying connected is important, iHand is just the right touch". At the bottom of the spoof ad you'll find that it comes in a variety of different colors from Caucasian to Kermit.

Then there's the iPhone 5

Losing reception shouldn't be a problem with this Zac Morris-like antenna

Next you have the good ol' redneck way of fixing things...
just add a little duct tape. 

And finally there's the iPhone Atenn-aids

This little gem started out as a spoof when Szymon Weglarski and Jon Dorfman, opened a little Etsy shop to poke fun at the iPhone 4 issues. Little did they know that this product would actually sell (6 for $5) and does seem to fix the problem. “It’s a lot of satire, it’s kind of a gag product, it’s poking fun at the whole idea of how overblown the whole antenna solution has been,” Mr. Weglarski said ( I'm sure they'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Have a great weekend!


A studly DIY

After stumbling upon the PS I Made This website a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to try one of her many do-it-yourself projects. I have to be careful with these kinds of projects because I often find myself in over my head with $75 worth of materials that I have either some how completely messed up or just can't figure out what to do with them. It is also not a rare occasion that I just completely lose interest in the project or start and never finish it... Anyway, I found one on her site that is easy, fun and cheap to make!

So here it is:

Decorative Studded Boxes
-Any size/color/shape box that you choose. Find ones that are easy to puncture yet sturdy. I used something like these. Container Store had some great, cheap options. If you have extra boxes laying around - just spray paint them whatever color you want - doesn't have to be too fancy!
-Ruler (optional)
-Pencil (optional)

As you can probably imagine, the rest is pretty much common sense! Get creative and design a pattern on your boxes - use your initials or just freehand a design. I found it easier to draw a light line with my pencil and ruler and use that as my guide.

My final product! (you can probably guess which one I started with...)

These turn out to be great decorative accents or even gift boxes. Go ahead, try it for yourself!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Return of Bad Men

Shake up a martini, light up a cigarette and adorn yourself in swanky '60s attire in anticipation of Sunday's premiere of season 4 of AMC's hit series Mad Men.

Fancy yourself as a Betty Draper or a Joan Holloway, the options are all here.

Think you've got what it takes to work at Sterling Cooper? Take the test here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fuller destination: Santa Fe, NM

Gloria perched in the window sill on summer vacay in Santa Fe

I recently spent about a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you've never been there, Santa Fe is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. It's packed with delicious restaurants, eclectic shopping, fun art galleries, beautiful surroundings and friendly people. I can not tell a lie, my time in New Mexico's capital was mostly spent eating wonderful meals and exploring at the Tesuque Flea Market.

Located just north of Santa Fe, the flea is a fun little adventure if you're up for the short drive and a day of walking and searching through treasures. I recommend taking a slight detour on your way out there and stopping at the Tesuque Village Market for a killer hamburger to fuel you for your afternoon perusing the booths. The flea market is packed with everything from faux Louis Vuitton, to fabulous vintage baubles, Santos, rugs, clothing and beads, beads and more beads. It's open 8am - 4pm Friday-Sunday, March through December. Check it out.

Very odd/interesting antique stirrups from the Flea

The Farmers Market
We also stopped by the Santa Fe Farmers Market, held on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The market is so fun and worth the early morning trip (the earlier you get there the better the selection of vendors). It is now housed in and outside of a large pavilion, making it easier to locate and navigate. We picked up some homemade chili powder (can't wait to make frito pie!), homemade sun dried tomato goat cheese, and the best mushroom flat bread you've ever put in your mouth! I can't wait for my next trip out there just to stock up on that bread.

Handmade farmers market items

Restaurants in Santa Fe can only be described as delicious, and to no shortage. We ate at several top notch spots and to truly embrace the ambiance of my vacation spot, I decided to eat like a New Mexican (or how I assume they eat). And that I did. I ate green chiles (the good, spicy ones, not the phony ones they serve here in South Texas) on EVERYTHING - hamburger, turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes, pizza - seriously, you name it I ordered it with green chiles. And I don't regret one order. I wish I could find those down here other than during Central Market's Hatch Chile Fest!

It wouldn't be a trip to Santa Fe, without lunch at The Shed. Everything about this restaurant is fun. It's an eclectic, sort of cavernous space, with a series of vibrantly decorated, funky rooms. The Shed has been around since 1953 and is a Santa Fe institution (they say so themselves on the their website). In 2003, they won the highly prestigious "Americas Classics Award" from the James Beard Foundation. In my opinion, they have some of the best green enchiladas around. But don't go in there expecting Tex Mex, these enchiladas are runny and piping hot - it's hard to tell where the green sauce ends and the cheese/tortillas begin. Excellent.

Photo does not do these justice.

I also had mouth-watering grilled beef tenderloin, from upscale restaurant, The Compound. Although quite pricey, I believe it's worth it. The Compound has been around since the 1960s and is housed right off of Canyon Rd, home to the pricey art galleries. In the last couple of years, James Beard recognized chef, Mark Kiffin, has revamped and recreated the menu giving it a traditional New Mexican feel with a modern flare. We had two great meals here. The beef tender mentioned earlier, and a wonderful crab and lobster salad for lunch one day.

Grilled beef tenderloin on a bed of sauteed spinach.

Other notable restaurants not to be missed:
Geronimo - didn't make it there on this trip but it's also on Canyon Rd. Great food, but way pricey.
Santa Cafe - One of my favorites - excellent Tuna Tartar, Shitake and Cactus Spring Rolls, and onion rings!
Upper Crust Pizza - great local pizza joint. Haven't been there but have gotten delivery several times. 
Saveur - I've read terrible reviews about the waitstaff being rude here, but I had nothing but great experiences. Ate here for lunch a couple of days - casual, design your own sandwich place.
Jambo Cafe - I did not go here, but my parents did and they have raved about it. I hear the lamb stew is quite excellent. (Yes, African food in New Mexico)
La Boca - hit or miss tapas, usually a hit.
Il Piatto - good Italian, good location
Bistro 315 - an old favorite

Photo cred:
The Shed -

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fuller Friday: City-wide garage sale this weekend!

Go ahead, breathe out ... it's Friday!

If you're in the Austin area this weekend, there's a City-Wide Garage Sale happening Saturday and Sunday. I've never been to one of these, but I've heard great things about it and will be hitting it up on Sunday. Held about once a month at the Palmer Events Center, the sale features tons of local artisans and vendors. Everything from books and pottery to fishing lures, antiques, jewelry and clothing are featured during the two-day sale. Even if you're not in the mood to buy anything it only costs $5 to get in and would be a fun and different weekend outing.

City-Wide Garage Sale
Palmer Events Center- Austin
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-5

Hope everyone has a fun, relaxing weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

leroy neiman

On a recent visit to San Francisco I was thrilled to happen upon several LeRoy Neiman galleries. Seeing his mischievous face and vibrant, entertaining work prompted me to do a little reading about him.

"Buena Vista Bar", a San Francisco establishment and home to the first Irish Coffee

Among the works we saw in the Neiman Gallery was a series of his original illustrations for Playboy. While these were a bit scandalous, I was interested to read that he and Hugh Hefner have been great friends from the start of the infamous magazine and Neiman continues to illustrate for Playboy to this day.

Neiman is probably best known for his colorful paintings of leisure activities and sporting events, and while I liked those, I really loved his depictions of animals and his portraits of famous people.



"Polo Lounge", the famed Beverly Hills Hotel hangout.

I was especially excited when I learned that Neiman loves elephants (as I do) and calls them his "inexhaustable theme".

"Charging Bull" - his latest elephant serigraph (screen print)

"Portrait of the Elephant"

Born in 1921, Neiman comes from a humble beginning in St. Paul, Minnesota, and from an early age he distiniguished himself by drawing. He later enlisted in the Army and served for four years. During that time, according to his biography, he "painted sexually suggestive murals in military kitchens and dining halls that reportedly generated enthusiastic responses from women as well as men. He also painted stage sets for Red Cross shows under the auspices of the army's Special Services division. "If nothing else, the army completely confirmed me as an artist, " he wrote in his book LeRoy Neiman: Art and Life Style (1974).  After his time in the Army was up, Neiman returned to finish school. He later taught for 10 years at the Chicago Institute of Art, and during that time is when he met Hefner.

Most of his work focuses on sporting events and sports in general. "For an artist, watching a [Joe] Namath throw a football or a Willie Mays hit a baseball is an experience far more overpowering than painting a beautiful woman or leading political figure," Neiman remarked to Nick Seitz in 1972. He also told Seitz, "Concentrating on sports has helped me, because I couldn't refer back to past movements. There hasn't been any sports art to speak of.. . . I've had the field pretty much to myself."

Today, Neiman and his wife live in the famed Hotel des Artistes (home to Norman Rockwell at one point), looking over Central Park.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trina Turk fabrics on Urban Grace

Please, please take a minute to look how awesome this patio, by the design team at Urban Grace Interiors, is. It's perfect for Florida living. I can't take any pictures off the site so you'll have to take a look for yourself, but it does feature the fun fabrics in this post. Read the snippet at the bottom of her post too - the patio has a canopy sail you can hoist to hide from the devil rays of the sun!

To take a peek at other Trina Turk indoor/outdoor fabrics click here. Just like her line of clothing and accessories, they are bright, creative and cheerful.

Also, if you don't already read the Urban Grace blog it's a good one!

Photos via F Schumacher

Austin: free wine!

Every one's favorite churrascuria, Fogo de Chao, is now offering Wine and Dine Wednesdays through September 29. Enjoy a dinner (or festive lunch) with a friend at the South American eatery and delight in a complimentary bottle of wine. Take your pick between two Chilean wines, a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Simply enter WINE 2010 into the comments box when you make your reservation online, or mention it when calling us at 512.472.0220.     

Warning: Fogo de Chao is not for the vegetarian in your life!

309 East 3rd Street
Austin, TX 78701-4038
(512) 472-0220 

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's a dog design world

Loved this feature on House Beautiful's website this month. Each of these rooms is brightened with the addition of a furry friend!

Polo the Golden Retriever in a room designed by Christina Rottman.


A Yorki hanging out with his fake friends.


Fierce guard dog.


Agnes, the pointer mix.


Poul Kjaerholm PK31 chairs are nothing but beds for Otis and Logan, who are Sealyham Terriers.


My own precious chair decorators, Lucy, Gloria and Mazie.

All photos from House Beautiful

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A little trompe l'oeil for the week...

Don't worry, it's not your groggy Monday morning eyes that are fooling you, what you see above is the latest, greatest accessory from Charleston-based Mac accessory store, Twelve South.

The product, aptly named Book Book, is a MacBook computer case made to resemble an antique book. Each handmade, hardback leather case is uniquely distressed and worn so no two are ever alike. 

The hardback cover provides maximum protection for your case without being too bulky or heavy. Looking more like a crusty, vintage leather book rather than a shiny new laptop, the disguise just may be the ultimate security for your precious computer.

Quite a clever idea if you ask me!

Book Book is now available for 13", 15" and 17" MacBooks and should be available for the iPad soon. To purchase visit their website.

All photos from Twelve South Blog

I heart Ikat

Although Ikat is no new phenomenon, especially in the realms of interior design and fashion, I can't help but love it and be drawn to it again and again. To me it's a great way to be funky yet traditional. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, Wikipedia defines it as "the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres." 

Still not famliar? Check out these great Ikat items:





Balenciaga Resort 2011                                                                      Dries Van Noten Spring 2010 RTW

It is one of the oldest styles of textile decoration yet it continues to pop up on the runway and in interior design season after season.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

NYC's Sidewalk-Catwalk

As if the streets of New York City's fashion district weren't already full of fashionistas (whether legit or faux), the district has added a little more style to the street via a chic public art installation. The work, known as Sidewalk-Catwalk, will take fashion's most basic tool, the mannequin, and feature the creativity of some of the industry's top designers. 

Tommy Hilfiger's all-American mannequin, but of course.

Custom built and designed mannequins, displayed runway-style (aka "strutting" down the street), are showcased down the bustling sidewalk of famed Broadway from Times Square to Herald Square.  

Rebecca Taylor's signature boho floral style.

Each mannequin displays a unique vision from the artists, ranging from Jason Wu and Tommy Hilfiger to Rebecca Taylor, Rachel Roy and DVF. 

Diane Von Furstenberg

Designers were encouraged to style the mannequin in their signature style, but since real clothing wouldn't survive the NYC streets for 3 months, designers had to step out of the box and use materials that will stand the elements (and crazies on the street). 

The mannequins will be on display through September 3. Following the end of the installation will be an auction beniffiting Materials for the Arts.