Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not your everyday classic

In late October 2009, Penguin Group released a series of classics with a new look. Designed by Penguin senior cover designer,  Coralie Bickford-Smith, the books range from Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights to The Picture of Dorian Gray and Cranford.

Each book is intricately decorated with a theme from the story line - like waves for The Odyssey and peacock feather's for Dorian Gray (to play on the book's themes of vanity and the superficial). The illustrations are of matte colored foil on cloth.

What better excuse to decorate your bookshelf and revisit the classics than with these vibrant, beautiful books.

The brilliantly bound books are available at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Amazon. I can't wait to  add a little life to my bookshelf with a row full of the fabulously designed classics!

For more on Coralie Bickford Smith read her interview  in October on Design Sponge

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