Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bravo's latest work of art

I'm a little dissapointed that I'm late on the news of Bravo's latest show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. It sounds pretty intriguing. In a Project Runway style show fourteen aspiring contemporary artists are pitted against each other in hopes of achieving the grand prize: a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum as well as a hefty cash prize, of course.

Hosts China Chow (who apparently forgot she was wearing Spanx...) and Simon DePury

In every episode the artisits are faced with the challenge of creating unique works in different mediums - from sculpture and collage to painting and photography. Through a gallery display at the end of each challenge, the pieces are judged by the show panel and its weekly celebrity guest. Hosting the creative series is art enthusiast China Chow and world-renowned art auctioneer Simon DePury. Joining Chow and DePury on the judging panel are New York gallery owner and literary art contributor, Bill Powers, New York Magazine's art critic, Jerry Saltz, and esteemed curator and gallery owner Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn.

I'm interested to see how this show ends up and if I even like it. It sounds interesting and I'll be pleased if I've found a new summer show! 

Two episodes have already aired, but the third one shows tonight - 10/9C.

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