Wednesday, May 26, 2010


With bathing suit season practically slapping us in the face at this point, I thought I'd pass along this article a friend sent me.

If you're anything like me, sunscreen is not something you skimp on. Let's face it, tomato red knees and shoulders look good on no one. But while the sunscreen we use may be preventing that look, it may not be preventing cancer like we have always thought, according to a study by the FDA. The article from AOL News reports findings that Vitamin A and it's derivatives are the problem and actually "speed up the cancer that sunscreen is used to prevent."

Click here to view the article on AOL News.

The article also links to an easily searchable database on the Environmental Working Group's website rating the best and worst sunscreen on the market. I'm a loyal Neutrogena sunscreen user and was a little disappointed by the results, but with only 39 of the 500 products on the market deemed effective, I should've expected that.

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